Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

New Wednesday, new Wildcard Wednesday in Madden NFL 21. This time a new group of player items for Madden Ultimate Team has been added starring a couple of veterans who have played for many years in the NFL.

We are talking about quarterback Robert Griffin III and cornerback Josh Norman, two players who have already received a new card that can be acquired from the MUT Auction House.

Griffin III and Norman are now available.

During each Wildcard Wednesday, EA includes different groups of players to Madden Ultimate Team. Veterans are those players who have played for many years in the NFL and have become an important piece of their teams.

Since March 24, the new card from Josh Norman is available, a player who has been playing for several seasons in the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins and now he is a Buffalo Bills player.

The best attributes of his cards are 95 acceleration points, 95 jumping points, 94 agility points and 94 speed points. He also has 94 pass rushing points, 93 play recognition points, and 92 zone coverage points, making him quite a complete player.

On his side, Robert Griffin III also has very good attributes that all Madden Ultimate Team users will be able to take advantage of. His card has 95 OVR points and the highest attributes are 95 running points, 95 throw power points, 94 short accuracy points and 93 Throw Under Pressure points.

As if that were not enough, beyond the additions of Griffin III and Norman, this group of veterans has also included linebacker Robert Quinn, running back Randall Cobb and strong safety Taushon Gipson, each with a new card that them leads to 95 OVR points.

The best way to get Veteran Cards is through the Madden Store. These packages cost 6,000 Madden Training points and typically include players over 89 OVR, so the investment is good most of the time.

However, remember that you can always buy cheap MUT Coins online at muteamgo to collect all the coins you need and buy your favorite players at the Auction House. With a minimal investment it will be enough to significantly improve your team.

On the other hand, you can also buy flashback, heavyweights or rising stars packs for the same price, although their appearance rate is not that high. These veterans are sold in the Madden Store for a total of 25,5000 Training Points.

At the Auction House, each of these players will cost more than 100,000 MUT Coins. In fact, Randall Cobb’s letter is currently valued at over 130,000 coins.

In other game news, EA Sports has announced that they will bring more content to the game this weekend, so we recommend keeping an eye on all social media to find out everything as quickly as possible.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The game is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and EA Play subscribers on Xbox Consoles and PC.

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